Goal Setting with Printable Worksheet

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Happy new week everyone! Last week I talked about how I set goals for myself and our homeschool for a 6-week interval. I thought I would show you a bit more about how this actually works with my printable goal tracker worksheet.

Goal Tracker

I work out which areas of my life I feel need some work and write those categories into my sheet. At the moment, those are: House and Organisation; Budget; Personal; Blog; Reading; Hobbies. I write these as headers into my 6 small sticky note pictures. The big section is for homeschool.

Goals for Interval 1

For the homeschool section I write in the subjects I want to cover and which activities, book pages and curriculum sections I want to cover in the six weeks.

For the others I write in goals which align with my personal values and priorities for this phase of life. If you’ve never thought about this, Crystal Paine’s course, Make Over Your Mornings, has been a big help to me (I’m going through it again over the next two weeks, and last time I didn’t manage to finish it so this time I am going to make it a priority!). Her book, Say Goodbye To Survival Mode (affiliate link) goes through some of the same principle and is brilliant.

When I finish something I can look at my goal sheet and choose what I need to work towards next. In the reading section I write which books I definitely want to read (4 in this interval) then which ones I’d like to read next, but I put a little line on there so I won’t pressure myself with a goal I feel I can’t achieve.

Important!: Put your goal tracking worksheet somewhere where you can see it! Otherwise you will find it next year and think “hmm, that was a nice idea. Shame it didn’t work for me. I still haven’t done most of this…” So save yourself from yourself! If you have to look at it every day you can’t brush it under the carpet and you will be much more motivated to make progress in the things you have chosen to accomplish. I put mine with my calendar right by my seat in the living room.

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