Making and Using Glitter Numbers

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Bunny aged 39 1/2 months

Pom-poms on all Glitter Cards

For a long time I have loved the sandpaper letters and numbers (affiliate links) used in Montessori classes, but I do not love the price. I thought about cutting out letters from sandpaper, but it seemed like a lot of work! Then a little while ago Bunny and I wrote our names in glue on paper and sprinkled poured glitter on them and they came out so well I decided to do the same thing to make pseudo-sandpaper numbers. I used index cards I found when creating our school room out of our spare room junk room dumping ground over the summer.

Making Glitter Cards

I wrote the numbers onto the cards (including 10, because Bunny insisted – I’m not sure that there would be a 10 in a pack of sandpaper numbers) and then Bunny and I together squirted the glue around them. This was definitely something she needed help with. Then she chose a glitter colour and sprinkled poured it over the number. If it had been up to me I would have chosen a reason behind the glitter colours (e.g. odd vs even) but I decided to let her have ownership of the activity. Which was a bit tough for me, I’ll be honest!

Completed Glitter Number Cards

When the glue dried Bunny used do-a-dot markers (affiliate link, those are a cheaper version which we have and are brilliant) (her absolute favourite at the moment, especially in red “Because that’s my favourite colour!”) to do the correct number of dots on each card. Some of them she counted herself and some I had to help her with.

Pom-pom Activity

The next day our cards were all ready to use! This turned out to be a fine motor, number recognition, subitizing (recognizing that 3 dots is 3 without counting them), one-to-one correspondence and patterning activity. We used pom-poms, matching them to the dots on the cards and counting. I gave her the instruction to match the right number of pom-poms to the number of dots, and she decided that she would count out the right number of pom-poms and then transfer them from a pile on the floor over to the card. She asked questions of herself as she was working through the cards, which totally shocked me!

The activity was pretty good for her attention span, she was doing fine without my help until cards 9 and 10 when she started to lose focus, but with me joining in she was fine to continue. We actually added in some colour patterning on the 9 and 10 cards, one by accident and one on purpose, which Bunny loved (she has been really into patterning since we started watching Umizoomi (affiliate link) on Amazon Prime).

She then carried on shuffling through the cards and reading the numbers. Bunny likes these so much that I have decided that as we go through Raising Rock Stars Preschool we will make index cards for the letter of the week as flashcards so we can review them, and maybe for the higher numbers too.

Questions I asked or Bunny asked of herself:
How many dots/pom-poms does this card need?
How many do you have? How many more do you need?
Do you have enough yet? If you have one too many what do you need to do?

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