Dollhouse Positional Words with Printable!

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Bunny aged 40 months

Bunny surprised me this week by getting some left/right questions right. This outranks me, in all honesty! I found this out when she was playing an app which questioned her on it a little (Maths age 3-5 for iOS, they also do a practice version and one for age 4-6. It is free for the first level and the full price 10-level app is about £17. It’s quite a lot for an app but I know the company does great work in African countries using the app to teach children so I consider it charity to have paid for it).

I thought I’d bring the positional words including left and right into the “real world” and get to play at the same time using one of my Sylvanian Families houses! (Cedar Terrace and the Grand Hotel affiliate links are most like the one I have, or you can look for Grand Mansion on eBay to find my 1990s one)


So I got out my Sylvanian mansion while Bunny was sleeping and played for a bit… I mean, set it up so we could use it… then I made a printable game for us to play (I printed on card for longevity). There are three sets of cards making two games, (1) uses the Object Positional words (black) with the Dollhouse Objects (blue) and (2) uses the General Positional words (green). The font I used is freely available online and is called Primer Print. I used different colours so that when they get mixed up I will be able to sort them easily!

To play the game:


(1) Choose one card from the Object Positional words and one from the Dollhouse Objects and make a doll or dollhouse item (food, book etc) go to the location the cards say. Using the cards means you will get some strange ones, which when we played was very funny to Bunny! If there is no way you can make sense of the pair you can skip the selected location and choose one which makes more sense. Here she has put Belinda Bunny between the bed(s). One of Bunny’s favourites was putting the baby under the table.


(2) Choose a card from the General Positional words and make a doll go to the location the card says. This is Bunny putting the gramophone on top of the house. She loves that gramophone! It has a little music box in it which plays a “merry tune”. Isn’t it funny how children pick up expressions like that!

This game was really helpful for both me and Bunny; for me it meant I made sure I talked about all of the positional words on the cards, and for her it turned what could be a dry assessment type of activity into a game. Games are always winners for her!

If you use the printable game with your children and would like some more position or object words in the printable do let me know, it would help us as well as you!

Linking up to Tot School at 1+1+1=1.



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