Menu Plan Monday 12/09/16 and Saving by Using my Freezer

“How do you save money by using your freezer, NumberJacqui?” I hear you ask.

If I create correct portion sizes for my family, then I will save money. Here is an example:

Pork loin steaks usually come in a packet of 6. We eat 4.5 each time we cook them. We could cook the extra 1.5 and use them as leftovers in lunches. The only problem is that I really don’t like leftovers. I panic about whether they’re still ok and I don’t enjoy them when I eat them; Hubby tends to forget about them when he is making his lunch. So if we cook all 6 steaks then we waste 1.5 of them. What do I do now?

I buy several packets at once. Here’s the maths:

We eat 4.5 steaks. Multiples of 4.5 are: 4.5; 9; 13.5; 18; 22.5; 27…

Packets contain 6 steaks. Multiples of 6 are: 6; 12; 18; 24; 30…

The first number which appears in both lists is 18. This means that it is possible to buy 18 steaks and divide it exactly by 4.5 to get meals for my family. 18 is the third number in the list of packets, so I buy 3 packets and it makes (18/4.5 = 4) four meals for my family.

What is the money saving, you ask? I generally buy 3 packets for £10, or £3.33 per meal. If I buy 3 packets and stretch it to 4 meals by freezing the extra then I pay £2.50 per meal, or you could consider it to be 3 meals at £3.33 and 1 free meal! Whichever sounds best to you!

However you do have to use freezer bags. I can buy 40 medium freezer bags for £1.50, which is 1.50/40 = 3.75 p each, and I would need three bags to freeze the extra steaks so 11.25 p. If we round that up to 12 p to be fair, £10.12 / 4 meals = £2.53 per meal. What is the saving? £3.33 – £2.53 = 80 p per meal. Does that sound worth it? Say we eat pork steaks every week. 80 p * 52 weeks = £41.60. That will buy you some Christmas presents!


Monday: Pork loin steaks with potato/sweet potato chips and veggies

Tuesday: Bolognese with pasta/buckwheat pasta

Wednesday: Pizza (recipe at bottom of post)

Thursday: Herb roasted chicken from Living Well Spending Less

Friday: Balsamic roast gammon in the slow cooker with potato/sweet potato chips, broccoli and carrots (I’ve worked out that this isn’t happening on Sunday because weekend days are out of routine and I forget to defrost the night before, so I’m moving it to Friday with lots of hope in my heart!)

Saturday: Eating with my parents

Sunday: Sausages in bread/coconut bread

I am linking up to Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.

Menu Plan Monday


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