Our Homeschool Room 2016

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This month I am joining in with iHomeschool Network’s Back to Homeschool Blog Hop. Hop on over there to find out more and see what others are doing this year. This week is School Room Week.

iHomeschool Back To Homeschool Blog Hop

I have been really looking forward to School Room Week for two reasons: I love to see how other people organise their school rooms; and I want to share our school room with the world! It has been a really long journey for the room, from when we moved in two years ago, through a storage and dumping ground type of room, to now where it is finally a school room. Bunny loves it there, so much so that when she was “packing a bag to go on holiday” and we asked her where to, she said “School”!

Overall the room looks like this: (Bonus points if you can spot all of the IKEA things! Actually I’ll probably tell you what they all are…)


We do use the dollhouse for school work, but also it was mine when I was little and Bunny can’t open the school room door on her own yet so it’s a bit safer in there.

Bunny has two tables, one which we use for artwork and one is her desk which we use for other school work when we’re not sitting on the floor. I love having the art area always set up, with the rug (it is washable, I sewed together 4 IKEA SIGNE rugs because that was by far the cheapest way to get such a large washable rug) to protect the new carpet and the tablecloth on Bunny’s table. It makes me much more likely to want to do art when there isn’t a big set-up and clear-up mission involved! On the right you can see our Today and RRSP boards which I talked about in Curriculum Week.

Looking around the room, the bookcase on the left has some of my old books and some of hubby’s textbooks and notes. The next bookcase and chest of drawers look like this:


I will explain my bookcase organisation but it isn’t the greatest ever, I haven’t got all of my record-keeping and planning systems set up yet.

Bookcase from top shelf to bottom: storage of favourite artwork in IKEA SMÅRASSEL boxes with Tot school work and storage bags in the cheapest IKEA magazine files, the new version is called FLUNS; homeschooling method books, Chronicles of Narnia and Murderous Maths books (affiliate links these are both too grown-up for Bunny); some planning and record-keeping and printable worksheets, Spielgaben resources and old notes from hubby’s school days; activity books, poem books, reading books, an owl bookend, phonics reading books organised by level; reference books for the future (I found them in charity shops for £3-£4 each and had to have them), some other workbooks which Bunny hasn’t started yet and her preschool notebooks which are for her to draw on using wipeable markers (affiliate, they have a nice range of colours and so far they have been ok having the lids left off for a few days).

Chest of drawers: On top are in-tray towers with envelopes and unusual paper, including my laminating pouches, with my laminator too. I love my laminator (affiliate links it’s only £13.48 at time of writing!). The drawers are self-explanatory 🙂 By the way, I love the effect on the room that labelling everything has had. It feels so much more like a room for doing school in now, not to mention the fact that Bunny can understand most of them because of the pictures so she can help tidy up. I also laminated them, because laminating 🙂 For most of the labels I stuck them on using Blu-Tack. The only exception is on the IKEA DRÖNA boxes:


Bunny has two more of these KALLAX units in other rooms around the house, which we use for her toys. In this picture you can see our Spielgaben, which we have used in lots of different ways, including One-to-One Correspondence with Counting Bears and Spielgaben. Next to it is a set of three mirrors I hot-glued together to make a sort of half-a-cube to look at patterns and symmetry and reflection. I hunted the internet to find some sort of solution for sticking the labels onto the DRÖNA boxes, because I don’t want to make holes in the boxes or damage them. I drew a blank. Eventually I thought of using body tape (affiliate) as it is meant to be safe for your clothes and skin. So far it has worked but it hasn’t been on for very long.


I use the big IKEA unit (under £5 from their bargain corner!) to store the bigger things we use in school. I tend to put a chair in front of it to dissuade painting, glitter-gluing and playdough when I’m not in the room… On top of it is a SAMLA box insert which has two sides for storage and a carry handle, which I use to keep all of the pens, stickers, glue, scissors and so on that we need daily when schooling. I love this box because you have the opportunity to organise things and you can carry it by the handle. It is easy to get out and put away. I have another which I use for my sewing. The TROFAST drawers are what I use in a sort of workbox system with Bunny, which I will grow as she gets older.


Finally here is my display “board”. I used something we already had to make it – a windbreak we bought from (you guessed it) IKEA. It is just a large piece of fabric with some eyelets in. I can peg things to the top row (glitter letters like the glitter numbers we made a couple of weeks ago and some sight words from education.com) and pin things on the lower rows using dressmaker’s pins. If you want to do this I would recommend pins which are over 2″ long, and probably ones with ball-shaped heads.

Thank you for coming for a tour of our school room. I love using it and so does Bunny, so it has been a massive help for our schooling! Last year we tried keeping our school things in our kitchen/living/dining rooms and it was too much hassle to get things out and put them away. For us, in this phase of our homeschool (Bunny is 3) this is working brilliantly.

Linking up to School Room Week at iHomeschool Network.


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