Creating the School Room

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Yesterday I showed you our School Room and mentioned that we had converted it from a “spare room”. This isn’t strictly maths but I love a before and after picture so I’m sure you will too!

Here is the before-we-moved-in picture. Note the horrible wallpaper.


It took about a year to get to painting it (which my mum did, thank you!), because in the meantime we used it as a storage room. The problem is that in my mind, storage is somewhere you can put anything, and if you can’t quite get in the room to put your storage item in then throwing it is a very valid option.


So I had a mess on my hands. I asked Dana from A Slob Comes Clean what to do and she answered me: I needed to define the room. I thought about all of the possible things I could do with it and decided that the most valuable thing would be to make it into a school room for Bunny, since schooling in random places around the house, with our school supplies in several different rooms was not working for us.

Once I had decided what to do I started by following Dana’s steps: do the easy stuff first. This meant finding the stuff I needed to bin and throwing it away, then the stuff for the loft and putting that up in the loft (an important step I found quite tricky because that is a storage space too…), and finally anything else that should be in a different room I took there, as soon as I found it. Not making a big pile because that would risk trapping me in the room.

The part where I deviated from Dana’s decluttering plan is the part where I started to fail (so don’t do it, people!). I thought I would be OK because I loved the other rooms and I didn’t want them to stay a mess, so when the carpet for the room was fitted (by my parents, thank you!) I moved the dozen boxes I hadn’t sorted into other rooms. That was 6 weeks ago and I haven’t touched them since, because now there are more overwhelming messes in other rooms.

Anyway, other messes aside I measured the newly-carpeted room, plus all of the furniture items I had thought of putting in there. I added up lengths, took away lengths, multiplied lengths (there are two identical bookcases) and made a plan for the room. We moved the things into the room and now it looks like this:

I am so pleased to have reclaimed a room from the messy dumping ground we had before. Bunny and I both love it. Moving all of our school supplies and that furniture out of the rest of the house has made our whole house nicer and it all functions better. The rooms are no longer defined with several words (dining room/playroom/school stuff storage room) and I love them all so much more!

My next project is going to have to be reclaiming my sewing room (the wardrobe in the school room) from the boxes I dumped in there. I miss my sewing room!

Have you got any rooms like this in your house? Or does most of your house look like this? If so, Dana is releasing a real-life paper book on Nov 8th (USA)/Dec 15th (UK) called How to Manage Your Home without Losing Your Mind (affiliate link). It would make a great Christmas present to yourself, or you could put it on your Amazon wish list (I am a big fan of wish lists because it means you get what you want so hopefully you won’t add clutter to your life!). I’ve preordered mine! Dana comes from a place of mess so she knows what it is like. You can see some of her mess at A Slob Comes Clean where she shares real life strategies for dealing with real life struggles which she still struggles with. If you’re someone who struggles with your home I highly recommend checking her out. This is not a sponsored post, I just love her! Dana’s methods have totally changed my home and my outlook on how I manage my home.


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