Letter Recognition for the 21st Century!

Bunny aged 40 months

Like most children, Bunny loves anything that Mummy and Daddy use. She has a pretend phone, pretend camera, pretend remote control… But she still loves playing with the real, grown-up version.


She raided our electronics box the other day and found an old keyboard, so we played a game of letter and number recognition with her using the keyboard. She loved playing with us and the old keyboard!

You could do this with an old phone (or a toy one!) or remote control to work on numeral recognition, and if your tot doesn’t know enough of the letters yet you could cover half of the keyboard so there is less to look at.


It was pretty tricky to catch her pressing a button for a picture…

This was impromptu schooling, integrating everyday life and learning. It’s great when Bunny comes up with an idea and we run with it into learning some new things or reviewing them, especially in a holiday week like we are having this week! How have you impromptu-schooled in your family this week?

Questions we used to play recognising the letters and numbers:

Can you find the letter/number __?

Point to a key. What does it say?

Where are the letters? Where are the numbers?

Where is 1? 2? What comes next?

Linking up to Tot School at 1+1+1=1.


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