A Day Through Bunny’s Eyes 2016

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links I will receive a small commission from any purchase you make at no extra cost to you.

This month I am joining in with iHomeschool Network’s Back to Homeschool Blog Hop. Hop on over there to find out more and see what others are doing this year. This week is Through the Eyes of the Student Week.

iHomeschool Back To Homeschool Blog Hop

In case you don’t know what that means (I didn’t!) the post is written from Bunny’s point of view, using her words and photos (some of which I helped her with a little so you’d be able to see the whole object she photographed!). Bunny is in preschool so the majority of her day is play of various kinds. Now over to her!


“I help Mummy with the washing. I help Mummy make the beds. I pick my clothes.”


“I counted the dots on this stool. I took lots of pictures. We did school. We said what day it is. I like to change the month [year].” (calendar page from This Reading Mama)


“We sing and read. I cut some paper. I did my writing and dot painting.” (My ABC Bible verses UK/US affiliate links, Uppercase Letter Writing from Wildflower Ramblings as Bunny doesn’t like writing on dotted lines, Elephant from 1+1+1=1’s Animal ABCs bundle)


“I played music. I found Cs.” (on the keyboard)


“We waited for a bus to playgroup. I took pictures of cars. We added numbers, then I was bored so we played I Spy.”


“I played with dolls and we made a rainbow at playgroup.”


“We went on the bus home. We read the numbers on the houses we walked past. Then I ate my lunch and had my nap.”

Thanks for coming to see Bunny’s day! Her afternoons tend to be unstructured play for the most part. We use Spielgaben and do some science (UK/US affiliate links) or art activities if we haven’t been worn out by our morning!

Linking up to Through the Eyes of the Student Week at iHomeschool Network.



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