Menu Plan Monday 19/9/16 and Saving by Subscribing

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase anything after clicking on a referral link then I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Happy new week! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. We have been busy but it’s been fun! Today I’m going to look at Amazon’s Subscribe and Save (UK store US store affiliates) and explain how I work out whether it is worth it to me to subscribe for a product.

One of Bunny’s favourite foods is these snack bars (affiliate). They are not cheap. If you want to buy them in a shop then you’re generally looking at £2.50 per box. For six snacks. Just one reason why we limit how many she is allowed per day…

Sometimes they go on offer. The offer will usually be either 2 for £4 (£4 / 2 = £2 per box) or 3 for 2 (£5 / 3 = £1.67). Before I started to Subscribe and Save I would buy more when I saw a sale and hope it would last through to the next sale.

Looking at the price from Amazon when I’m writing this, a pack of 6 boxes of snacks costs £13.45. Per box that is £13.45 / 6 = £2.24 which is generally not a great deal. It’s better than when they’re not on offer, but it could be better. However when you subscribe to anything, your monthly delivery will be 5% cheaper than the general Amazon price.

The 5% off price for 6 boxes is £13.45 x 0.95 = £12.78. Now a box of snacks is £12.78 / 6 = £2.13 which is getting closer to my get-excited-the-snacks-are-cheap price of £2 per box or less.

The situation grows more complex when you find out that if you buy 5 or more items in your Subscribe and Save delivery you actually save 15%! I think I’ve always managed to have 5 or more things in my order and at the moment I have 13 active subscriptions, some of which are monthly but others are less regular.

The 15% off price for 6 boxes of snacks is £13.45 x 0.85 = £11.43. This makes one box £11.43 / 6 = £1.91. That’s cheaper than everything except the really-good, highly-unusual price (which Tesco are currently running…) on a 3 for 2 offer.

So that leaves me two options: Subscribe and Save or stockpile whenever a 3 for 2 comes up. I can’t guarantee a 3 for 2 and so I will end up buying full-price items too. To me, that makes Subscribe and Save worth it for that item.


The steps are:

  1. Keep track of how much you usually spend on something. Note the price which you are happy to pay and the price at which you get excited and think about stockpiling an item. You can do this by checking prices online if you don’t want to keep track.
  2. Check the Subscribe and Save store (UK store US store affiliates) to see what the price would be at a 5% discount by multiplying the price by 0.95, if you’re worried you won’t be able to subscribe to enough items.
  3. Check the 15% discount price by multiplying the price by 0.85
  4. Compare that with your “Happy to Pay” price and your “Stock Up Now!” price.
  5. If it is under the “Stock Up Now!” price, you’ll probably want to subscribe. If it is between the two, you need to consider whether your stockpile usually lasts between sales and whether you mind paying the extra amount more than “the best possible price”. If it’s more than the “Happy to Pay” price then don’t subscribe.

Generally I find that branded items have good S & S prices. If you tend to buy a store brand or value brand then the branded items available in the S & S store are probably not going to be cheap enough to match your prices.

I hope that helps you if you’ve been considering subscribing! Now on to my menu plan (implicitly containing Bunny’s aforementioned snacks between meals…)

Monday: Pork loin steaks with vegetables and potato/sweet potato chips

Tuesday: Pizza (see bottom of post for recipe)

Wednesday: Bolognese (half portion for just me and Bunny)

Thursday:  Toad in the Hole (recipe at the bottom of the post) with vegetables

Friday: Slow cooker Spanish chicken with sherry and garlic – if this goes well I’ll let you know about it! I’m adapting a recipe from the Ocado magazine.

Saturday: Eating with my parents

Sunday: Lunch-type food as we’re having a big lunch at church.

If you’ve read my MPM posts for the last few weeks you might notice the absence of a gammon roast. That’s because I finally managed to cook it! It turns out that I cannot defrost (big/time-consuming/non-microwaveable) things over the weekend because I ignore my list. I can’t just hope I look at my list, that didn’t work for the past few weeks. So I have now learned that I can plan to succeed by thinking about how my weekends really work. And maybe someday I’ll start to use my list at the weekend, who knows?!

Menu Plan Monday

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