Measuring with the BunnyHand Unit

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Bunny aged 40.5 months

This makes a cute activity and one I might put in the memory box! Bunny loves the idea of measuring (especially since we started to watch the maths cartoon Team Umizoomi UK/US affiliate) but she’s not ready for rulers yet, so we made a “tape measure” of Bunny hands. Here are the instructions:


  1. Cut sheets of printer paper in half longways (I used 4 sheets and got 19 BunnyHands, about 2.4 m for A4 paper or 88″ using 8.5″ x 11″ paper, but I would suggest that this was too many, and 3 pages will probably be enough – you could always add another later)
  2. Draw around your child’s hand on the first piece of paper; they can spread out their fingers or not, whatever they choose to do. (It doesn’t matter if the tops of some fingers or bottom of the hand overhang the paper, the width is the important thing)
  3. Tape all of the paper strips together.hand-chain-and-write-numbers
  4. Fold the paper in a concertina so that the little finger and thumb are at the edges of the folds.
  5. Cut around the hand shape, leaving a little extra width at the thumb and little finger so that the paper chain is not too easy to rip. I managed to cut through all the layers using some adult scissors; I don’t think kid scissors would work though.
  6. Number the hands. Your child can help you with this if they are ready for writing.

Bunny was excited to see the paper chain and to use it to measure things! We started by seeing how many BunnyHands tall she is by holding it up to the pantry cupboard we mark her height on. She is 8 BunnyHands tall.


We then measured a lot of her cuddly toys, a dolls house, some play food… I asked her to estimate how big other items would be and she didn’t do too badly at that. I can see this being an activity she will want to do again!

Questions I asked:

How many BunnyHands tall/wide is this?

How many BunnyHands tall/wide do you think this will be? Is it bigger or smaller than the last item you measured? Will is be more or fewer BunnyHands tall/wide?

Linking up to Tot School at 1+1+1=1.


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