Menu Plan Monday 3/10/16 with Grocery Budget Tracker

I didn’t do a brilliant job of sticking to my menu plan last week, but this week it is a little more important as we’re having our bible study group round on Wednesday and my in-laws are visiting at the weekend!

I am, however, doing ok at sticking to my grocery budget! We’re quite new to the budgeting process as a family but now that we’re a couple of months in we are starting to get the hang of it. To keep track of my grocery spending (as it is unfeasible for us to use cash, à la Dave Ramsey, following his baby steps, most of my grocery shopping is online) I made a spreadsheet! Yes, I’m the nerd. But you’d probably already guessed that!

The problem I’ve always had with a grocery budget is splitting it into the different weeks of the month, and then what happens if I go over or under? I decided that I would borrow from the next week (or add to it) and then I know how much I can spend next week in my shopping.

My grocery budget tracker keeps track of my budget for me when I tell it how much I spend every time I shop, so I know when to stop spending or when I have a little extra money to stock up. I include a budget line for a monthly expense, mine is Amazon Subscribe and Save (UK/US store, both affiliate links which means I will receive a small percentage of any purchase you make at no extra cost to you), see this post to see how I calculate if it is worth it to subscribe.


Here it is! The yellow boxes are where you fill in to adjust your budget and the green boxes are where you write in what you have spent. There are lots of different sheet options for how the month works out in terms of full and part-weeks, and whether you have a monthly expense (a big stock-up trip or a subscription) or not. When you open the spreadsheet you can create a new sheet for the current month by right-clicking on the correct style of sheet and clicking “Move or Copy”, then make sure you tick the “Create a Copy” box at the bottom of the pop-up, then click OK. You can now alter it with your own budgets.

If you use my grocery budget tracker and find it helpful I would love to hear about it!

Now on to my menu plan:

Monday: Sausages (it’s already 5pm and I can’t think of anything else…)

Tuesday: Pork loin steaks (since my delivery is coming tomorrow)

Wednesday: Bolognese (times lots and lots of people, with 3 different types of pasta…)

Thursday: Toad in the hole (see bottom of post for recipes)

Friday: Pizza! (See bottom of post for my pizza base recipes)

Saturday: Italian chicken? Have to check with hubby!

Sunday: Maybe leftovers from Wednesday, or something fried.

Thanks for stopping by! Linking up to Menu Plan Monday at Org Junkie.

Menu Plan Monday


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