Teaching Tots with Living Books

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I’ve had a look at lots of different homeschooling methods and have been most attracted to the Classical and Charlotte Mason styles.

One of Charlotte Mason’s schooling beliefs was that children learn best from living books, which means books which teach through stories rather than encyclopedias. I can certainly see that in how much Bunny has learnt about sea creatures from watching Octonauts! (UK/US affiliate) (I know that’s a TV program rather than a book but let’s call it a living TV program…)

With this idea in mind I started to write some simple stories for Bunny to teach her some maths, when she was about 2 and a half. I used her name and her best friend’s name so that she would be extra-engaged, and drew simple pictures.

The first time I read the stories to her, she was so excited that I had to read them over and over again. I call that a success!

I think this would work for any subject you want to teach to your children, so if you can’t find a living book out there to teach the topic or principle you want to teach then go ahead and have a go at it for yourself!

The first story I wrote for Bunny is called The Numerical Adventures of Bobby and Bunny 1: Bobby and Bunny Count to 10. It really helped her to engage with counting (at the time she had trouble with the numbers 5 and 7) and improve. She still likes to look at them now as well.

Would you like to see more of Bobby and Bunny’s Numerical Adventures?


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