That Christmassy Feeling

Have you got into the Christmas mood yet? If you’re over in the US you may be waiting until after Thanksgiving. In the UK we tend to hear a lot of Scrooge-esque complaints if you start thinking about Christmas before December.

Unfortunately, as many parents know, kids don’t live on the same calendar as adults.

Bunny started asking “Is it Christmas yet?” well over a month ago. I know this because by the nineteenth of October I was utterly sick of it. What’s a mother to do?

This is what I did: create a calendar. I drew out the number of rows we needed for the number of days remaining until Christmas (67 at the time…) and numbered the days. I added numbers counting down to Christmas every 10 days, working backwards from December 25th, since I knew Bunny would want me to count them every day!


We added stickers for the things Bunny would be looking forward to (Daddy’s birthday, my birthday, mums and tots group days… oh, and Christmas. Did I mention Christmas?) and since then we have crossed off days at least every other day. She loves the countdown, we get to talk about Christmas and what it’s about and why we celebrate, and importantly for my sanity she has stopped asking me if it is Christmas yet! She knows perfectly well that there are 33 more days to go. Yes, 33.


Yes, she is crossing off the wrong days while I try to take a picture of her… I figure we will get to 25 and 26 November soon enough!

I’m sorry if this has come too late to save your sanity. Still, with 9 days to go until Advent it could be worth 10 minutes with card, a pen and some stickers if any of your babies are as excited for Christmas as mine is!

Don’t forget to check out my 10 Gifts for Maths-Loving Kids if you have some kids on your gift-list who’d love a mental challenge while they play with their Christmas presents.

Linking up to Tot School at 1+1+1=1.


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